Risk Management Services for Lenders

Outsource your insurance due diligence responsibilities

Customized Loan Requirements

We will work with you to customize loan insurance requirements for your needs.

Due Diligence Review

We review the potential borrower’s policies and ensure they conform to the loan’s requirements.


We work with the client and their insurance broker to make sure renewal polices or replacement polices continue to meet the loan requirements as set out by the loan agreement.

Cost Savings

Avoid the expense of an in-house Insurance Department – and risk of the absence of such knowledge – while utilizing the expertise of a professional organization experienced in insurance policy review.

Protection! Protection! Protection!

Let us ensure that (1) your borrower has proper coverage to help them remain a
Going Concern in the event of a covered insurance claim; and (2) your rights are protected.

About Us

Who We Are

RI Risk Management Services (RI-RMS) works with lenders to customize loan insurance requirements for each commercial borrower. Every borrower has its own unique business operation and potential exposure to loss.

Rivers Insurance Group will provide lending institutions with the expertise to ensure they are not exposed to the unlisted exclusions, limitations and endorsements that are hiding in every insurance policy. We will review a borrower’s insurance contract, including the schedule of coverage (exclusions, limitations and endorsements) to minimize your exposure. We also will review and ensure that policy wording provides you with maximum protection.